Usha Mehta M.D., F.A.C.O.G
Care Philosophy_                                                                            
To provide the best possible professional care to each and every patient


Dr. Mehta provides full range of Obstetrical services which include Normal Delivery, Cesarian Section
She can deliver at the following hospitals:
-- Baptist Desoto Hospital
She has been serving the north MS area in excess of 26 years
Gynecology Surgery
Dr. Mehta is well trained in modern surgical techniques including Laser, and other procedures.

She uses the most appropriate techniques for Gynecological care of her patients.

Office Gynecology
Dr. Mehta provides preventative as well as illness related health care for women of all ages. Her services include:

-- Annual Examinations
-- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
-- Post Menopausal Treatment
-- Hormone Replacement Therapy
-- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease